Wednesday, September 5, 2012


For those few of you who don't come here via Twitter, my review of Kiss Me Deadly is obviously not up yet. It's not ready, nor is it likely to be in the near (as in next two days) future. I'm working on an application for a grant to work on a script I've been writing, and I think trying to get money to write a movie is more important than working on a free blog post that few people will read.

I do want to apologize though. When I made the schedule for this blog, I thought the deadline for this was much later, and that by the time it was approaching I would be well into the swing of things with this blog and have no trouble working the application writing into the schedule. Turns out I was wrong, and for this I am sorry.

I do not know exactly how I will reschedule things. I intend to finish the review of Kiss Me Deadly. I will try to post it for Thursday or more likely Friday, or possibly much later. I will make an earnest attempt to review Inception before I start on the next week's batch, but it's heavily dependent on my interest in watching and talking about Inception, which is currently somewhat low. The application is due Friday, and thus will only interfere with this week's reviews. I currently still intend to do The Day The Earth Stood Still on schedule next Monday, barring death on the part of the blogger, but depending on my application, my week, and the other reviews I get up, I may push the schedule back a day or two in an attempt to accomodate Inception.

Or I may not. Who knows?

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