Saturday, October 8, 2011


So apparently writing a coherent, well thought out blog is hard. I'm finding out because I'm trying and failing, and my roommate isn't trying and is also failing. I suppose I should link to his blog, as if the same two people who follow me don't already follow him. It's called Between a ROC and a Hard Drive but that URL might change to a sweet, totally awesome A Bad Joke subdomain because that's what all the cool people are doing. Plus, he's my roommate, so I can bother him about it every day.

Anyway, I have made some progress on this, just none of it visible. I wrote up a template that I can copy and paste so that all System 1 reviews look roughly the same, and I started writing a review of a movie (no spoilers, but I saw it last weekend and have been quoting it ever since) just to have something potentially ready. Actually, those happened in reverse order: I started writing a review, then realized that I should make a template so I don't have to copy-and-paste an entire review and delete vast chunks of my writing every time. This way, I just have to add the writing, which unfortunately turns out to be the hard part.

I also started drafting another system. I figure the more systems I have judging movies, the better of an idea I can get on how well these systems work. It's a more complex system (because binary isn't complex enough for a programmer) and I don't have all the questions yet, but I'm trying to improve explanations so that even those of you who don't understand what ((q[0].a + q[0].b + q[0].c) << 6) + ((q[1].a + q[1].b + q[1].c) << 4) + (q[2].a + q[2].b + q[2].c) << 2) + q[3].a + q[3].b + q[3].c means can still figure out what score you'd give a movie. Perhaps I'll write a program where you fill in a form with answers to the questions for a given system, and it calculates the rating for you. That might nice for those of you who are less mathematically inclined. If you want me to do this, post vast quantities of comments, excised of all lowercase (lowercaste? Truly, the Capital letter is the letter of a Gentleman) letters or extraneous contemplation, urging me to do so for the sake of my health and that of those around me. (This is how you know I need sleep.)

Anyway, none of this content is really ready for posting yet. I feel like I should watch the aforementioned film again instead of doing a review significantly by memory. I also rather wanted to start off with something else, but I haven't really watched anything else. And I'm hesitant to post a new system with no reviews under the old one's belt, even if that wouldn't make any difference, and would indeed be better, for the (already quite stretched) "science" of the thing. And I have a lot of Minecraft to play, and some school work I'd like to get done. Oh well. You know what they say: Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes, well, he eats you.

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